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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I finished my shopping! And, oh yeah, a word about Michelle Mitchell...

Sorry I'm late today but I've been out wrapping up the last of my Christmas shopping. I always like to do one last shop in Carytown. In particular, I had fun shopping for my sister, wholly rejecting her wishlist, which is filled with items she herself has prioritized as "low." One CD, in fact, rates "lowest" on her priority list. Now tell me, what fun can you possibly have buying something for a person when she herself can muster no enthusiasm for it? I might as well walk into a Barnes & Noble, throw a dart and give her that. Oooh, sorry, Joan, you got the Diabetic Cookbook. Not this year! She may not love everything I got her, but she will at least be surprised.

Anyway, I had nothing urgent on my mind today other than the latest zany episode of She's the Sheriff starring Michelle Mitchell. And truly, what can I even add? Is it just me or does this woman act exactly like a cornered, feral cat? She's either the world's biggest paranoid or Woody is right in his assertion that she's absolutely corrupt and hiding something. Perhaps we will find out when Sheriff Woody finally rides in to the rescue. (If he ever gets in, that is. I am imagining Mitchell waving her pistol out of a jail window — "You'll never take me alive! Ha ha ha ha!!!!!")

One last thing about my shopping excursion today. At Ten Thousand Villages there were these little polished stones from India etched with LOVE, WISDOM or PEACE for $2. The LOVE and WISDOM baskets were full but there wasn't a PEACE to be found. People, it seems, are clamoring for peace.


At Fri Dec 23, 11:34:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it could be because "peace" is more associated with the christmas season. love can be a bit too personal and wisdom could be construed as just a tad buddhist.


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