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Monday, December 19, 2005

Finally! Some answers from the T-D...

Well, I finally got a nice big helping of information from the T-D in yesterday's Home Page section, in which the paper dissects itself each Sunday. The column is designed to serve readers better by providing insight into news coverage decisions and other areas of the paper. Yesterday I learned:

  1. The paper is getting a new phone system!
  2. Each employee will record a new voice-mail greeting.
  3. The downtown and Hanover offices will be getting lobby makeovers, complete with electronic boards showing award-winning photographs and editorial cartoons!
  4. Each month, the T-D names a Customer Champion of the Month, an employee caught "doing something right."
  5. The paper has a Customer Action Team whose objective is "defining and refining customer service. ... This action team is also digging deeper, prioritizing objectives, interviewing colleagues, and reviewing departmental processes -- wrapped up in the rallying call of 'think like customers.'"
  6. The T-D is committed to "over-the-top" customer service.

Wow. That's quite a bit of information to digest and answers so many of my burning questions about the inner workings of the Times-Dispatch. But I did have another important question, I think. Now, what was that again?...


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