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Friday, June 16, 2006

Need a nanny?

Well, we all know that children from Richmond are very polite and never misbehave. So these folks won't have any volunteers. But I'm posting anyway, just as a public service, in case there are some recent transplants browsing this blog.

Here we go: Fox's "Nanny 911" is going to be in the area from July 12-19. They're looking for families with "out-of-control kids" (what are those?). British nannies Deb, Stella and Yvonne -- a combination of Mary Poppins and Harry Potter's Professor McGonagall -- are the ladies who take charge of households in an uproar.

If, by chance, you have an unwieldy pack of kids, click here or call (800) 928-4515 for more information. To apply, email Nanny911Casting (at) with the following info:

Name and ages of all family members in the house
Location (city and state)
Description of situation/children's behavior
Recent family photo

And then watch the skies for a woman hanging onto an umbrella.


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