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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pt. 1: Not so fast, Elliott ... Pt. 2: Knock, knock. Who's there? Taboka. Taboka Who?

As Elliott Yamin crooned a heart-felt version of Michael Buble’s “Home” last night, singing “I wanna go home, I wanna go home, I’m coming home…” I thought, “What is he thinking?” Apparently, Simon Cowell got the same vibe I did, which Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson just seemed too dense to get. It was just so … so … jinxy. I missed Elliott’s first song because I was putting kids to bed. Sounds like he got mixed reviews. How do you think he did? Anyway, I hope “Idol” voters didn’t — as Elliott mumbled himself last night — take him literally when he sang “I wanna go home.” Elliott, we love you, but we don’t want you back quite yet.

Switching gears wildly, I loved the news out of Philip Morris today that the cigarette maker is going to begin test-marketing a smokeless, spitless pouchy thing called Taboka (from the Cherokee word meaning, “slow death”). This from the T-D: “The venture into smokeless is part of what executives call an ‘adjacency strategy,’ an effort to introduce new products that are complementary to its core cigarette business.”

I think this idea of offering “complementary” products to cigarettes is a great one. A few suggestions for other complementary products Philip Morris could market:

1. Breath mints
2. Teeth-whitening products
3. Wrinkle-reducing creams
4. Coffins

Any other ideas? And can someone finish the knock-knock joke for me?


At Thu Jun 15, 04:22:00 PM EDT, Blogger traven said...

Knock knock ...

Who's there?

(in raspy and garbled voice) Taboka ...

Taboka who?

(again in raspy and garbled voice) Taboka chords are more corroded than a 50-year-old car battery from swallowing all of this brown juice.


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