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Thursday, April 27, 2006

World’s Biggest Dork

That would be me. Because even as I was OUT OF THE HOUSE (which is a very big deal for a stay-at-home mom), having dinner with friends and having a margarita I still called home at 9:35 to ask my husband who got cut from “American Idol.”

I’ve now officially dropped from pitiful to pathetic.

But I am happy to say things went as expected and that Kellie “I never met a fancy fish I could pronounce” Pickler was sent home to Albemarle, N.C. Not that I was ecstatic to see her go. She’s not a great singer, but she was fun to have around. This season of the show is a little different because, at this point in the competition, there is no one I truly detest still taking up space. While Taylor Hicks may not be my cup of tea, I must admit that he can sing and has a style all his own.

Paris Bennett is so unbelievably talented for a 17-year-old, but she is just that — 17 — and stage maturity can’t make up for life maturity. But when she does mature and bring some life experience to those songs she’s singing (like “The Way We Were”), well, that’s going to be something to watch.

Chris Daughtry, I’ve already admitted, just doesn’t excite me. I think he’s so different for “Idol” that people might see as real artistic uniqueness, but he just doesn’t strike me as too terribly different from every nameless lead singer standing in front of some middling post-grunge, modern rock band.

So that leaves us with Katharine McPhee and of course, Elliott. These are my personal favorites. McPhee is a beauty who reminds me a bit of a young Linda Ronstadt (though her voice is not nearly as transcendent as Ronstadt’s, which at times can almost make me swoon). She has star power already, which may be Elliott’s one weakness.

He seems like a guy who is having such a great time loving all this while it lasts but doesn’t really believe he’s worthy of job he’s trying out for. I really love this guy, though. He just exudes such warmth and love for music. He’s a treat. I just hope we get treated to his performances for five more weeks.


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