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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm feeling much better, thank you

Hi there, folks. Sorry to have dropped out for a few days, but that unpleasant illness that started with my daughter got my son then, gasp, me! My husband managed to escape it all. (Hmm, coincidence?) Not that there has been a whole lot to talk about in the past week. Not much going on with the baseball stadium situation, City Council, the Ed Barber case, the Maymont bears or anything else that might produce a rant from Doug Wilder. Even George Allen is reportedly bored. So in the place of any real news, I will just share with you some of my favorite headlines from recent issues of the Chesterfield Observer. I promise I am not trying to pick on a little newspaper. I know how hard headline writing is and I have a particular affection for bad, strange or odd headlines. I even have some committed to memory, like one of my all-time favorites that appeared some years ago in the wretched Philadelphia Daily News after it was discovered that someone was illegally selling and shipping body parts to labs. It read, "Ears found in probe of heads." It's a bad paper, but they make some great headlines!

Anyway, the Observer has a ways to go, but still they give me a little smile and so I'll share them with you:

"Who is huffing what?" -- March 29

"Alcohol is a problem" -- April 5

The language of the law is allegedly English" -- April 5

Stroke -- not just for grandparents anymore" -- April 5

Well, that's it for me for now, gang. If nothing earth-shattering happens I may not get back to the blog until next week and then we'll really get rolling again. But check back anyway, if you don't mind. I get lonely sitting here all by myself. Happy Easter. Happy Passover.


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