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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Everybody loves a caption contest!

In the Times-Dispatch yesterday was perhaps the best and funniest news photo I have seen in ages. Of course, you need the context but photographer Steve Helber caught the greatest picture of Attorney General-Elect Robert F. McDonnell and Attorney General-Wannabe R. Creigh Deeds passing each other in the hall after a luncheon at the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. The only thing missing from this picture, of course, is the thought bubbles. That job, my friends, falls to you. I will get the ball rolling:

Left to right:

McDonnell: Heh, heh. Keep movin', loser.

Unidentified woman: "OK, one more time — that guy beat that guy by 323 votes but that guy is calling for a recount ..."

Unidentified man: I wonder if she's single ...

Deeds: I AM the Attorney General, I AM the Attorney General! And if I click my heels together three times it really will come true!

Tiny face of Tim Kaine over Deeds' shoulder: I am soooo the governor.

All right, my clever and sardonic friends, give it a try!


At Thu Dec 01, 03:20:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

McDonnell: Where are you going, dork?

Unidentified Woman: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Unidentified Man: My money's on the smirking guy.

Deeds: Maybe if I look straight ahead and ignore him, he'll think I didn't hear him ...

Tiny head of Tim Kaine: Is there any trouble over there, gentlemen?


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