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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The saga of one campaign sign

I've been watching one campaign sign with great interest. It's one of those big two-sided signs and it happens to be Tim Kaine's. It's sitting on the corner of Huguenot and Koger Center Blvd. in front of a law office. I remember there was a big Kerry sign there last year, and sure enough the Kaine sign went up probably a couple of months ago. What was interesting to me was that within a few weeks the sign had been moved from its spot right near the road to way back by the building. It was still visible of course but I suspect some Kilgore operative went out there and measured something and looked up some statute and found that it was two feet beyond where it was supposed to be or something. Then, I guess about two weeks ago (as things began really heating up, you see) someone on the Kaine side figures who gives a flying fig and moves the thing back up near the road. Well the latest in this tempest in a teapot — no, a thimble — is that the Kaine sign has now been defaced on all sides with silver paint with a circle with a line through it. Now, truthfully I don't care whose sign is two feet over or who is defacing whose. I'm sure both sides are guilty of these shenanigans. What fascinates me though is the idea that someone is out there battling for every single sign. That indeed someone was probably dispatched to check out the position of that one sign, and some idiot (and there is no evidence to suggest it was an idiot from the Kilgore campaign) took the time out of his (or her!) busy idiot life to skulk over to Huguenot Road, most likely in the dark, park at a safe distance, hide behind a bush until it was all clear, shake up his little can and do the dirty deed. It would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic. No, scratch that. It is hilarious.


At Tue Nov 01, 12:54:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you contacted the law firm to see what their side of the story is?


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