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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What could those italics mean on Marrs' yard signs?

Driving up Buford Road the other day, I saw a couple of yard signs for 68th District incumbent state Del. Brad Marrs. It's blue with white lettering. Simple, classic even, with the words:

Brad Marrs
Our Delegate

Hmmm. It jarred me because of the italics, as italics are meant to do. To emphasize something. Our delegate, not their delegate, it immediately suggested to me. But whose delegate would he not be?

It reminded me of a story I'd read a while back in the T-D about a Northern Virginia House race where the Democratic incumbent put out a brochure with the words: "Delegate, community leader and one of our own." Her Republican challenger, who was born in Egypt, accused her of "playing the race card." I don't know if that's fair, but italics do mean something don't they?

So what do they mean on Marrs' yard sign? Surely this message couldn't have anything to do with the flap over Marrs' fundraising letter blasting his opponent Katherine Waddell for accepting a sizable donation from a prominent "homosexual businessman"?

Ironic, though, that Marrs chose to use a typeface that isn't straight.


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