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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

You go, Miss Buns!

Ray McAllister's column yesterday was a hoot and it had nothing at all to do with one-word punchlines. It was the straightforward, sort of, reporting that Richmond Sheriff Michelle B. Mitchell listed as her Web site information with the State Board of Elections the e-mail address (Don't bother looking for it. It's already been changed.) McAllister describes how he called Mitchell asking her to explain why it was there and all he got was her typical "no comment" attitude. "That's my personal e-mail," she said over and over. She said she couldn't explain why the state Election Board's Web site included her personal e-mail address but then McAllister delivers the a-ha! at the end when his own reporting leads back to the "statement of organization" form Mitchell filled out, signed herself and filed with the Richmond Registrar, listing the MissBuns e-mail address.

This is just the latest bit of weirdness from our sheriff who, I am sure — if she were a contestant on The Apprentice — Donald Trump would call "something of a disaster." Controversial? To say the least. She's drawn raised eyebrows for having her name emblazoned on sheriff's office cars. She's been in hot water for using money from the jail canteen to buy a PalmPilot and pay for campaign photos of herself. She also stepped into it when she paid herself for unused vacation time.

Then there was the small matter this year of one inmate strolling out of his cell and killing another one.

Mitchell has survived all of this with "no comment" after "no comment." This latest business is nothing more than an embarrassment, but it comes when she is up for re-election and it makes you wonder if Richmond voters are ready to throw MissBuns out on hers.


At Fri Oct 07, 06:43:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am more ready to throw the Council members who have let the jail situation fester.


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