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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Eric Cantor's star rises as DeLay's falls

Looks like Congressman Eric Cantor's star in the Republican Party continues to rise. The chief deputy Republican whip will handle more duties in the whip office now that Tom DeLay has been indicted on conspiracy charges and has stepped down temporarily from his role as House Majority Leader.

Cantor's political journey has been fascinating to watch. He has gone from what some have said was the reluctant successor to Tom Bliley to being called a "Bush attack dog" in just five years. He was a product of the Ray Allen-Boyd Marcus political machine and when Bliley retired, Cantor (a la Greg Brady playing Johnny Bravo) "fit the suit." There were those who questioned his passion for politics, but if his heart isn’t in it now, he sure knows how to fake it.

I remember interviewing him several times as he was running for Congress for the first time. There were those who whispered that he was a puppet. I didn't know then and I don't know now if there was any validity to that. I do remember that he seemed uncomfortable with the mantle of power. My, how things change.

Since that time, Cantor sure has found his groove. He raises millions of dollars to run essentially unopposed in elections, receives 100 percent ratings on his voting records from conservative groups and falls in line with virtually every position held by President Bush. Do you know anyone who agrees with his boss that often?

I don't know where Eric Cantor's star is headed but I'll keep watching the skies. Will he win his next election bid with 107 percent of the vote? Or will his staunch, unflagging support of President Bush hurt him in a state whose support for the president is wavering? Stay tuned, stargazers ...


At Sat Oct 01, 08:03:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cantor would be wise to start formulating his own strategy to get off the sinking DeLay-Frist-Bush ship quickly. He's got a bright future, wonderful demographics, and a spunky spouse. He's got major league potential if he manages to get off the GOP conventional wisdom train every now and again. DC pundits are looking for the next young conservative leader, and Cantor could be it. At any rate, if he doesn't step up, he will quickly be in the shadow of other VA GOP emerging stars such at George Allen and Tom Davis.

-- Conaway

At Fri Oct 07, 11:07:00 PM EDT, Blogger RonL said...

Cantor certainly agrees with President Bush on many things. However, he has voted against much spending that the president agreed to.
Cantor is also a member of the Immigration Reform Caucus and opposes amnesties. Taht puts him in opposition to the President on a major issue dividing the GOP.

You might be interested in my analysis of Cantor at


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