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Thursday, September 22, 2005

A few thoughts from the happiest place on earth ...

The human beings are fascinating, aren't they? I just got back from a trip to Disney World and I just wanted to share a couple of the oddest sights and soundbites from my trip. Passing through places like airports and theme parks gives you that exposure to masses of humanity you might only get in small doses in your daily life at, say, the DMV. But just for your entertainment here's a little of what I saw and heard:
  • The Mom That Fun Forgot sitting behind me with her two kids from Charlotte to Orlando said this, verbatim, to her son: "As your mother, it's my job to bathe you, feed you and clothe you. Beyond that ... that's it!"
  • In the Charlotte airport a very large man plopped himself in a chair across from us at the gate. He was wearing a 1/2-inch-thick silver chain with a 4-inch silver crucifix and on his feet ... enormous Homer Simpson fluffy slippers.
  • In a demonstration of how documenting your children's every experience can slip into madness, I watched a woman in the Magic Kingdom videotaping her children as they made a souvenir penny at one of those little machines. I can only imagine how tired her arms must have gotten holding that thing up over the doors of the bathroom stalls ...
  • Also at the Magic Kingdom, as a sea of people headed for the exits after the fireworks show, an infuriated woman dropped the F-bomb when she got separated from someone. After shouting his name into the crowd she yelled, "F---ing idiot!" I am happy to report that the many people who heard her were shocked and appalled. Please, people, it's the happiest place on earth. Have a little respect.
  • It was a great vacation but I'm glad to be back in Richmond. What's been going on? Doug fire anybody? Have the Arts Center plans been cut back to just an organ grinder and a puppet show theater? Any Greta Van Sustern sightings at Soak?


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