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Friday, September 07, 2007

She Needs to Play the Lottery

Could it be possible? Perhaps. I guess in a lifetime of golfing, if a person plays three or four times per week for 40 or 50 years, one could make 16 holes-in-one. But to do it in a span of nine months?


But that’s what Jacqueline Gagne of Rancho Mirage, Calif., claims to have done so far this year. And you thought the 84 you scored this summer at the local municipal course was impressive, consider that the odds of making 16 aces during that span is the same as being struck by lighting several billion times.


Apparently it’s all true. The lucky lady, who has played just four years, made her first ace on Jan. 23 and her 14th on May 25. The Palm Springs Desert Sun was called after the eighth hole-in-one and even though everyone in the sports department was skeptical, they decided to check it out.

Here’s what the Desert Sun sports editor wrote after the newspaper investigated.

Believe me, to say that we didn’t believe Jacqueline Gagne’s hole-in-one claims is an understatement. I believe the phrase “That crazy woman just e-mailed again with another hole-in-one” was uttered more than a couple times around the office.

But after golf writer Larry Bohannan talked to her and started to believe, so did we. Every one of her aces was witnessed and her character appears unassailable. We tried to poke holes in her story, and we couldn't. So in short, we believe in miracles.

Word of her amazing feat spread after the article was printed. Two of her next holes-in-ones reportedly came in the same round at a course where she does not normally play. Then a local television station crew joined Gagne on an outing to do a story.

Here’s what happened.

Apparently, the shot was not technically an ace, since she was hitting three after a penalty. But still. The video does not clearly show the ball falling into the cup, but based on everyone’s reaction, there’s no way Gagne could have pulled a fast one.

Gagne also made an appearance on the Early Show with Harry Smith and golf teaching pro Peter Kostis. The pro seemed impressed with Gagne’s swing and admits he’s a believer. She also appears to have a better swing than Harry Smith.

There’s also an interesting 10-minute interview on YouTube that drew the scorn of many visitors who commented on the feat.

Life has definitely changed for the 46 year old—for the good and bad. She launched a Web site, hired a public relations firm and signed two significant endorsement deals.

A quick check of her Web site reveals some really bad PR. The press release about her 16th ace opens with a paragraph that likens Gagne with the Almighty. Scary.

For 46-year-old gifted golfer Jacqueline Gagne, rarity has become routine. By her own hand (and some say by the hand of God himself), she has managed to recreate the miraculous time and time again. After her astounding sixteen hole-in-ones (all since January, 2007), she has now become something of a Par Three Prophetess!

With this kind of proclamation, it’s no wonder some have ridiculed her and she finds herself defending the feat almost daily. She explains in a midsummer article by the Desert Sun.

As for me? I’m a believer. I just don’t see how a person can pull off such a scam. Gagne would need dozens of witnesses and then get lucky and make a hole-in-one while the cameras are rolling.

You can check out some of her holes-in-one at the United States Golf Register. Just search her name.

OUT AT HOME: My wife likes to play a little game with my daughter Emalene. My wife pretends she’s crying so Emalene races over and consoles her. I got into the game the other day.

“Waaaaaaa!” I wailed.

“Oh no. Daddy’s crying.” Emalene said while giving my wife a concerned look.

My daughter then went to the coffee table and grabbed the remote control for the television. She rushed over to me.

“Here Daddy.”

Suddenly, I felt a lot better.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: This video made me laugh. Out loud. I would be the Bad Gear Guy. I do hate Dr. Quickskins.


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you should follow up on this post a little. her so called witnesses turned out to have not actually to have seen the shots.


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