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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rich Mag on the scene: Vick's court appearance

A couple hundred protesters, a few fans, a bunch of downtown office workers and, oh yeah, every media outlet from here to Kalamazoo showed up downtown on Bank Street to see Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick make his appearance at federal court this afternoon to face arraignment on animal cruelty charges related to a dogfighting ring in Surry County. A few pictures from the street:

PETA signs depicting wounded pit bulls were on heavy display, while others came up with clever slogans for their banners.

Allison Drezek (left), mother Dee Drezek and Allison's pit Nemo (wearing a "Stop Killing My Family" T-shirt) showed up to protest Vick.

Fewer people protested Vick's innocence.

"Bad Newz" is the name of the dogfighting ring, which came from a nickname for Vick's hometown, Newport News.

TV camera operators and other photographers made up a large part of the crowd.

Y101 radio personalities "Sludge" (Brian Haddad, in plaid shirt) and Abe Kanan, wearing costumes from Premiere, were barking up the right tree to publicize their station.

No. 1131938 ("That's what they call me by," said this Vick protester, who wouldn't give his name) says the former Virginia Tech standout might have to trade his football for a ball and chain.

The man arrives (second from right), to both boos and cheers. Presumably it was a little quieter in the courthouse.



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