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Friday, February 16, 2007

Making Scenes On Park Avenue

What celebration of whimsy is this in the window of 2223 Park Avenue? In this former barbershop, technology consultant Steve Applegate and his partner-in-art Mary Lynn are exerting their artistic side and giving to the world themed experiences.

Paintings, assemblages and odd props are arranged in tableaux that receive explication by little stories typed on an old Underwood, which to those under 40 must seem as quaint and exotic as a dinosaur bone.

The first window that caught my eye was a New Orleanian scenario, with a display box containing an antique mannequin head of a woman, a bottle of Virginia Gentleman, a light bulb, a classic ‘40s style phone with the receiver off the hook. The hard-boiled story began, “Nancy waited nervously by the side window. What time was it? Time seemingly stood still. To a faint clock’s ticking in the background her mind began to wander…”

This window, from a few days ago, was inspired perhaps by the unseasonable warm temperatures. “My business meeting at Wrightsville Beach ended early,” it begins, “twenty minutes to spare.” He wonders what to do with the time: “A small window for a walk on the beach. Ten minutes up, ten minutes back.” During this return to Raleigh, the narrator is haunted by the question, “Why do I settle for only slivers of my dreams.”

The Applegates now have regular gallery hours and you should drop in when you seek a shot of aesthetic experience.

You can see more of Steve’s work at


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