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Thursday, January 11, 2007

It’s No Joke

Yesterday I linked to former Richmonder Andrew Beaujon’s tongue-in-cheek proposal that Richmond should market itself as a haven for federal-government offices, given the fact that we’re far enough away from Washington, D.C., to be relatively unharmed in the event of a nuclear explosion set off by terrorists in the nation’s capital. (Not a theory I’m hoping to test out anytime soon, mind you.) According to a Dec. 27 article in USA Today, the marketing effort may not be necessary: The private sector has already targeted Richmond as a safe port in the terrorist storm:

“Another plus for Richmond: It’s about 100 miles from the thriving Washington, D.C. Fear of terrorist attacks on the nation’s capital is are [sic] encouraging companies to set up some sensitive operations well [sic] 100 miles outside the city. Richmond could benefit.”

Chad Anderson
Executive Editor


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