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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We’re Miles Ahead of Winchester

It’s deadline time here at Richmond magazine, as we put the finishing touches on the 400-plus-page monster that is our February issue, which means late nights, Lee’s Chicken and, at least for this staffer, a little bit of laziness in the form of linkblogging.

With today’s news that Mayor Wilder and the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation finally seem to have buried the hatchet, I wanted to point out that Andrew Beaujon, the former Save Richmond blogger who, along with Don Harrison (who’s still going strong), won the 2005 Laurence E. Richardson Freedom of Information Award for investigations into VAPAF’s plans for Broad Street, apparently decided to call a truce of his own a couple weeks back. Beaujon, who now makes his home in Washington, D.C., has a peace offering for Jim Ukrop and other VAPAF supporters, in the form of a suggested marketing pitch that’s sure to produce a more interesting slogan for the city than “It’s Easy to Love.”

Chad Anderson
Executive Editor


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