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Monday, June 26, 2006

Final update

Hey, guys. We've been discussing the Elliott issue situation here, and it's too much for us to handle international orders. We're all working to meet next month's deadlines, and this is taking an enormous amount of time away from our regular jobs (editing, writing). So, we are shutting down the Elliott e-mail account and are taking orders only from the United States. The phone lines remain open at (804) 355-0111, and we will take domestic orders as long as we have enough copies of the July issue.

We will be sending out the international issues already ordered, but we just can't take any more. We're sorry. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm and understanding.


At Tue Jun 27, 11:35:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Mariane said...

How many of these orders are actually going to turn up on eBay instead of being treasured by the purchaser?


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