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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Scattered thoughts before the weekend road trip

Speaking of the part of the world I come from, I am heading up there tomorrow for my mom's birthday so I won't be posting again 'til Tuesday. (You just pictured Aimee Mann with that crazy hair, didn't you?) Therefore, I am a bit scattered today and not caring one bit about Tim Kaine's standoff with the Republican legislators in the House. The gods of journalism forgive me, but there's something about the combination of the words "general" and "assembly" that just makes me glaze over. I've written my share of stories on obscure but important bills and I know I should care passionately about what goes on for those couple of months but gee whiz, "American Idol" is on, you know?

Now, having said that, Simon was right last night. It's not that Elliot didn't sound good. The guy can sing. But being one of the better singers in the competition, he almost has to work harder to -- as annoying people say -- take it to next level. Elliot's going to be around for a while, guaranteed. But he has to prove that he is more than just someone who can hit all the right notes. Singing "Heaven" didn't do that for him. So, hopefully a lesson learned. I'm sure he'll be back next week. Meanwhile, Kevin, the kid they called Chicken Little, has to go. It's like Talent Night at the high school every time he gets up there. And oh my God, that Peter Brady guy singing "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You." Welcome to the Catskills! So I think the Virginia boys will live to see another round. Oh, and interesting that Elliot shaved off the facial hair that connected to his sideburns creating the Curious George I was talking about a couple days ago. Now he just needs to do something about the fur line straight across his forehead. Looking good, Elliot!

And also, because I just feel like it, let me tell you about the new CD I just got -- "Rabbit Fur Coat" by Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins. If you have never heard Rilo Kiley and have never heard Jenny Lewis' voice you need to take a listen to their CD "More Adventures." It's like hearing Chrissy Hynde for the first time. Not that Jenny Lewis sounds like her, but you walk away saying, "I have just heard a voice unlike any other I've ever heard before."

Have a great weekend, gang.


At Wed Mar 29, 02:42:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm considering a move to Richmond and want to know what areas are good for families with young children. We like being close to shopping, supermarkets, etc. Also, what do houses run in those areas?

At Thu Mar 30, 05:43:00 PM EST, Blogger Janet Giampietro said...

wow. that's a big question! i would suggest (at the risk of being shamefully self-promotional) that you call richmond magazine (804.355.0111)and see if you can get your hands on some back issues. we have done issues on the best neighborhoods and on real estate. i will say that you will love it here. please do come!


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