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Friday, January 27, 2006

Comic relief Friday presents: Del. Reid's premature detonation!

Friday is the day you want to splurge on lunch, let the kids eat a donut for dinner, skip out of the office on the early side (let's say, 2ish?) and catch a movie. It's the breeziest day of the week and just right for today's comic relief news of the week: Del. John Reid accidentally fires his Kel-Tec semi-automatic pistol in his General Assembly office! What a hoot!

He's apparently taking out the magazine and unloading the round that's in the chamber -- as he does every morning -- and the thing just goes off!

And it gets funnier! The bullet fortuitously hits a bullet-proof vest Reid just happened to have been given as a joke last year for criticizing former Gov. Mark Warner. The vest stops the bullet from going through the door to the outer office where secretaries work and colleagues and visitors and lobbyists might be walking around. Ha! Lobbyists!

Reid then apologizes to his colleagues and promises to do some "soul-searching" about whether or not to continue carrying a loaded weapon around the State Capitol. (Helpful tip to Del. Reid: Your soul is that thing your bullet proof vest doesn't protect...)

Are you doubled over yet? This is the funniest thing that's happened since that guy walked out of his cell in the Richmond City Jail and killed that other inmate. Wicked funny.


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