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Thursday, August 11, 2005

JUG of pork rinds????

I'm not sure which piece of information in Tuesday's A-1 story in the T-D has my jaw still swinging on its hinges. It may have been the headline -- RATS! Or maybe it was just the idea that rats (the four-legged kind) are running rampant in state government offices. Truthfully, though, the thing that stuck with me most was this quote from state budget analyst Michael McMahon about what the rats did to his two to three gallon JUG of pork rinds that he keeps under his desk. "They ate almost all of the pork rinds," McMahon marveled. (Yeah, it says marveled.) "You could see the little teeth marks on the plastic, and they had spit out pieces of plastic," he said. (One can only wonder what the rats did to his jar of pickled eggs.)
Here comes the kicker:
"It gave me the willies."
Now, I've worked in offices -- skanky ones. And even in those pits I never had officemates hoarding two-gallon jugs of pork rinds under their desks. Talk about the willies.
Now, let's see, Mike: Jug of pork rinds. Rat problem. Jug of pork rinds. Rat problem.
Nope. I can't figure it out either.


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